Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – October 28, 2014

The “touch foul” pass interference was only the culmination of bad play by the Ravens. Poor play calling and execution with 4th and goal at the one, turnovers, and giving up a long play on 3rd and 10 after claiming the lead all contributed to the loss as much as the penalty that should never have been called in today’s offense-happy no fun league. Some would say that if it weren’t for bad luck, we wouldn’t have had any luck at all. Bottom line is that we failed again against a good team, leaving a majority of our wins against the pansy bed wetting NFC South division. The stealers on Sunday night is a must win game, as brainlessburger is coming off a career performance against a colts team that done did us in 3 games ago. With more injuries than Janay Palmer, the offensive line and defense sure needs a break that they won’t get this weekend, unless you count the potential for broken bones. Expect another hard hitting, grueling match, but pray that ben doesn’t turn our secondary into the Swiss cheese that we already know they are, before the injuries started mounting.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – October 21, 2014

With a few late scores, the Ravens put the game away, despite a bad game by Flacco with a few INTs. I guess it’s good to get them out of the way in a game like this than during the next 2 weeks, with road games at Cincinnati and pittsburgh. Bengals are favored, but have had a rough time lately, including getting skunked by Indy last week. Hopefully, they are still demoralized, but yet over-confident from their season opening win as they bring out their 31st ranked defense for the game, while the Ravens look to return to reality after facing a few of the other worst defenses in the NFL. This time, their offense can make us pay, so no more giveaways.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – October 14, 2014

A little bit of skill and a lot of luck turned this into the route of the season for the Ravens as Flacco racked up an NFL record 5 TD passes in 16 minutes, 4 minutes faster than the previous record holder. Is it a good time to point out that Tampa has the worst rated defense in the NFL? In another trap game this week, Atlanta has the 31st ranked defense. Hopefully not over confident, the Ravens could run up some big numbers if they follow the same blue print from last Sunday.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – O’s-tober 8, 2014

Third down conversions (1 for 11), 3 Turnovers and 4 Sacks allowed. Should we have won? We could have, but didn’t deserve to, and so we remain win-less in our history at Indy. Now, we have a gimme game against Tampa that we need to control from the Git-go and reassert our standing in the division, which could have improved when the Bengals got B-slapped by the Patsies.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – September 30, 2014

Ravens continued to put up points on Sunday, but seemed to have problems stopping a depleted Panther team, especially on Third down where Carolina was 10 for 15. Special teams is virtually irrelevant these days with kick offs out of the end zone and fair catches. Offense did the most important thing: They didn’t turn the ball over. However, the Ravens will need to play a much better game this week against a Indianapolis team that easily puts up points.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – September 23, 2014

Either Cleveland has gotten better, or we are in for a long season. Ravens escaped Cleveland, thanks to Billy Cundiff’s bounce off the upright, blocked kick, and then Justin Tucker’s Game winner. Defense seemed to allow the Browns to march up and down the field at will, except on their final drive when we knew they were just going to run the ball to chew up clock. Going forward, the Ravens need to pick it up on D, and find more consistency on Offense. Steve Smith looks to have another good game, as he looks to exact revenge on his old time.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – September 16, 2014

I’m done hearing about Rice. He’s dead to me. Time to move on. And moving on is what the Ravens did against the self destructing Steelers, who were more interested in head hunting than in winning the game. The Ravens earned a solid win, and that’s what they needed to avoid starting 0-2, and moving into 2nd place in the division. Next week is a surprisingly tough Cleveland team, who always brings their A-game against us for some mystical Irsaynine Tagliapupu reason. (Yeah, it’s their fault we had to steal Cleveland’s football team.)

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – September 9, 2014

Shall we queue the music? Ice Rice Baby. Rice has been banned from North American Football. That’s right, the CFL won’t even touch him now either, but expect it to be only a temporary knee jerk reaction. His suspension will be reevaluated after all the hype has died down, and analyst only need to look to the handling of the Vick chronicles. I still assert that there is more to this than just the video. Don’t get me wrong, I do not support his actions, but keep in mind that the court system, having fully viewed these videos, only gave him one diversionary course. The League, who denies seeing the tapes, gave him a 2 game suspension originally (hoping the tapes never got leaked?) after meeting with both Rice and his wife. My theory is that Ray is afraid to admit he is the victim of an abusive relationship.

That said, we are missing the real point. Football has started, except for the Ravens who appeared to be taking an extra bye week in week 1. It better be worth it because we now get the, er, “High Flying” steelers who nearly lost a 24 point lead to the Browns. Two losses to division rivals to start the season will dig the Ravens in a terrible hole, and need to find a way to right the ship. It starts with CATCHING the FLIPPIN FOOTBALL.
An estimated 8 dropped passes can not be hung on Flacco, who was mercilessly booed on Sunday. Well, he kind of deserved it a few times, but the overall offensive play was sloppy, and ill-deserving of a win, which they nearly pulled out anyway. The defense kept them in the game by allowing only 5 field goals before finally having their secondary exposed when insufficient quarterback pressure gave Dalton time. Long story short, We have a lot of work to do, or this will become a very long season.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – September 1, 2014

A perfect preseason, which translates into… nothing really. Now the Ravens have their team set for the Week 1, we’ll see how much changes. There are still depth issues, and a few starting positions which the \Ravens say they may address with trades, as they evaluate the options. I don’t expect much to move for now. Our lineup is our lineup, and now we need to live with it.

Craig Rosendale Playing at Kelsey’s Before Ravens Game Thursday Night!

Roost #4 member, Craig Rosendale, will be playing up at Kelsey’s on Thursday, August 28th, from around 5pm up until the start of the Ravens preseason game in New Orleans (8pm kickoff).  C’mon out to Kelsey’s to hear Craig on vocals and acoustic guitar … then stick-around to catch the Ravens final preseason game on TV!  If it’s a good night, Craig may play a few at halftime, too!  Go Ravens!!!