Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – May 3, 2016

General consensus is that the Ravens scored a B+ in the draft by loading up on young players to restock the roster. The Jags were generally considered to have done their best by stocking up on defensive talent, and the Eagles did the least to help their cause. Mike Preston accused the Ravens of playing it “too safe” and not taking enough risks to push them over the edge. Only time will tell, as all teams are gawking at their prom dates. Check back in 6 months and see if they are still the girl the asked out in April.

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Iggy’s Baltimore Sports report – January 25, 2016

Dumervil was added to Pro Bowl roster, joining Koch, and Yanda, Cox. If you aren’t old enough or local enough to still hate the Broncos because of John Elway, then you still should root for Carolina simply because they have a bigger ex-Raven’s base. The Denver Broncos have the following ex-Ravens: G Robert Myers, TE Owen Daniels, and S Darian Stewart. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers have QB Derek Anderson, TE Ed Dickson, OL Michael Oher, DL Dwan Edwards, and K Graham Gano.

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Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – January 20, 2016

Ain’t nothing going down until the Stupor bowl is down. A few minor coach shiftings, but right now is when they contemplate which Free Agents t re-sign, which Free Agents on the open market they want to pursue, and what they will need for the draft. Osemele and Tucker lead the class of Ravens Free Agents. Expect Osemele to re-sign to a lucrative deal, and Tucker is a prime candidate for the franchise tag. Other big names the Ravens are likely to negotiate with include Courtney Upshaw, Albert McClellan, Morgan Cox, Kamar Aiken, Marlon Brown, Jeremy Butler and Terrence West. All told, there are 13 Unrestricted Free Agents, 7 Restricted Free Agents, and 11 Exclusive Rights Free Agents.

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Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – January 12, 2016

The Ravens have a large task in front of them. They need to restructure a few contracts, negotiate with a few of their own free agents, and figure out how to fill in the holes left by non-returning players. No major changes will come until after the Stupor Bowl. I expect a majority of the coaching staff to stay intact, Flacco to be have his contract restructured, Tucker to be extended or franchised, and Forsett to be released for younger, healthier options.

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2016 Opponents Set for the Ravens

The 2016 opponents have been set for the Ravens.

2016 Baltimore Ravens Opponents
Home Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, Oakland
Away Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New England, NY Jets, Dallas, NY Giants, Jacksonville

Unlike this year, when we had to deal with playing both WEST divisions, our longest road trip will be to Dallas.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – December 29, 2015

THE RAVENS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!! Ok, not really, but defeating arch-nemesis twice in one season, especially when our season has been lost for some time now is a MAJOR victory. The all-time record is now 20-24 against our premium foes, which means 4 more to go to even the score! Next week against Cincinnati is pretty much irrelevant. We could lose 73-0 and no one would care. Winning next week proves nothing and only further fouls up our draft order. Beating the squealors dropped us from #3 down to #8, so let’s not f this up further. No one cares about Cincinnati. Let them have it. We beat the steelers twice and put their playoff hopes in the hands of the New York Jets. If they fail to make the playoffs, we can honestly say that we held them out. Ryan “The Crab” Mallet played a solid game, and left me feeling more comfortable at the helm than Joe Flacco.

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