Ravens Roost 4 Christmas Caroling


Ravens Roost #4 Social Event


Ravens Roost #4 is going Christmas Caroling on

Friday December 12.

Beginning at 7pm at the Judges Bench

We plan to sing and drink all the way down Main Street while stopping for an occasional beverage along the way.

To help us sing beautifully, we will have an iPod loaded with our favorite Christmas Songs and sheet lyrics for those who may not know the words.

In true Holiday Spirit, I would like everyone to wear Christmas colors and their favorite Santa hat. Feel free to bring some jingle bells as well to keep the laughter going.

If you are interested in joining us on this wild & crazy holiday adventure, please contact either Leslie or Kim at the numbers below. This is not happening if it rains because some of us just don’t like the rain…

 Kim Colhouer 410-440-1347 or Leslie Pacen 301-335-2217

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – November 26, 204

Now I know why the Saints are 4-7. They can’t stop the run, and their offensive line is very suspect. Ravens win another game that they are supposed to win, despite the crappy broadcasters and even worse officiating crew. It is, what it is, and now we have a short, turkey filled week to prepare for the Chargers. At least it is at home, but every game is a must win from here on out with a stacked North Division where everyone is a contender for the play-offs and probably will be until week 17.

Roost 4 Cosmic Bowling Challenge 2014


Ravens Roost 4 was at Brunswick Normandy Lanes for our annual Cosmic Bowling Challenge to benefit Special Olympics Maryland today. Turkey time! Go Ravens!!!








Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report for November 18, 2014

Well we didn’t lose anything in the bye week. Cleveland crapped the bed, while Cincinnati and pittsburgh both won, leaving us a half game behind the bungles and stealers, instead of the brownies. The bye week came at a great time, but can’t fix the fact that Brees will shred our Swiss cheese secondary like a hot knife through butter. I sure hope I am wrong, but if the likes of brainlessburger can rack up 6 TDs against us, imagine what a good QB is going to do?

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – November 11, 2014

Ravens did what they had to do, and what they have done all season. Eliminated an inferior opponent. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was downright scary in the first quarter, but the Ravens buckled down and took care of business. They won’t be as lucky against the Saint’s in two week, when Brees will surgically disassemble our makeshift defense. The Ravens are 6-1 as the favorite this year, which means that the odds makers are usually right about who is going to win when it comes to the Ravens. We need to start finding ways of winning the games we shouldn’t if we wish to rise about the rest in the mediocre North division, where all the teams sit half a game apart.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report for November 4, 2014

Add Penalties and Turnovers to a large bowl. Stir. What do you get? DISASTER! Stupidity and incompetence ruled as the Ravens (5-4) dropped to last place in the division. The death omen was when a 2 point conversion was made on a botched extra point attempt. The Football Gods are NOT with you when that happens. With only 1 divisional game left, every game is a must win to recover the 0-2 record against Cincinnati, and the split with the squealers.

Ravens .vs Steelers

The game is about to start at Kelsey’s and happy hour prices are keeping the drinks flowing during the game. Come up and join us in watching the Ravens trounce the Steelers!!!

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – October 28, 2014

The “touch foul” pass interference was only the culmination of bad play by the Ravens. Poor play calling and execution with 4th and goal at the one, turnovers, and giving up a long play on 3rd and 10 after claiming the lead all contributed to the loss as much as the penalty that should never have been called in today’s offense-happy no fun league. Some would say that if it weren’t for bad luck, we wouldn’t have had any luck at all. Bottom line is that we failed again against a good team, leaving a majority of our wins against the pansy bed wetting NFC South division. The stealers on Sunday night is a must win game, as brainlessburger is coming off a career performance against a colts team that done did us in 3 games ago. With more injuries than Janay Palmer, the offensive line and defense sure needs a break that they won’t get this weekend, unless you count the potential for broken bones. Expect another hard hitting, grueling match, but pray that ben doesn’t turn our secondary into the Swiss cheese that we already know they are, before the injuries started mounting.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – October 21, 2014

With a few late scores, the Ravens put the game away, despite a bad game by Flacco with a few INTs. I guess it’s good to get them out of the way in a game like this than during the next 2 weeks, with road games at Cincinnati and pittsburgh. Bengals are favored, but have had a rough time lately, including getting skunked by Indy last week. Hopefully, they are still demoralized, but yet over-confident from their season opening win as they bring out their 31st ranked defense for the game, while the Ravens look to return to reality after facing a few of the other worst defenses in the NFL. This time, their offense can make us pay, so no more giveaways.

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – October 14, 2014

A little bit of skill and a lot of luck turned this into the route of the season for the Ravens as Flacco racked up an NFL record 5 TD passes in 16 minutes, 4 minutes faster than the previous record holder. Is it a good time to point out that Tampa has the worst rated defense in the NFL? In another trap game this week, Atlanta has the 31st ranked defense. Hopefully not over confident, the Ravens could run up some big numbers if they follow the same blue print from last Sunday.