Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – September 1, 2014

A perfect preseason, which translates into… nothing really. Now the Ravens have their team set for the Week 1, we’ll see how much changes. There are still depth issues, and a few starting positions which the \Ravens say they may address with trades, as they evaluate the options. I don’t expect much to move for now. Our lineup is our lineup, and now we need to live with it.

Craig Rosendale Playing at Kelsey’s Before Ravens Game Thursday Night!

Roost #4 member, Craig Rosendale, will be playing up at Kelsey’s on Thursday, August 28th, from around 5pm up until the start of the Ravens preseason game in New Orleans (8pm kickoff).  C’mon out to Kelsey’s to hear Craig on vocals and acoustic guitar … then stick-around to catch the Ravens final preseason game on TV!  If it’s a good night, Craig may play a few at halftime, too!  Go Ravens!!!

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – August 19, 2014

Another Preseason win, but what is becoming more and more clear is our lack of pass rush and our lack of depth at CB. Ravens need to consider converting a WR that is likely to get cut into a CB, or sign someone else out there, because this can be painful. Ravens also had a tendency to not tackle. I’m not an expert, but this could be bad as well. It’s still early, and I expect these cob webs to clear up before the first game. ’cause if they don’t… well, let’s just hope that they do!

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – August 14, 2014

First preseason is out of the way, and no key injuries… Running game looks to be by committee, so don’t be banking on a Ravens RB in your fantasy league… Questionable Offensive Line off to a decent start, but only time will tell… NFL is working up a plan for a mandatory suspension of 4 to 6 games for domestic violence cases, after taking significant heat for the perceived light sentence on Ray Rice…

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – August 2, 2014

Well, the Ray Rice penalty saga has finally come to a close, or has it. There has been severe backlash from many non-Baltimore outlets claiming that the penalty was too light. Many fans have said that it would have been better to hit him with 4 games, and then cut it back to 2 after an appeal. Personally, this is about what I expected, but I think the Ravens should have preemptively suspended Rice 2 games, and challenge the league to pile on. The nfl would look more favorably upon the situation if it thought the team was on top of the discipline, but the team is also dealing with 4 other incidences as well, which are all drawing attention away from the real topic: Training Camp, which is now in the thick of it with the first preseason game next Thursday at home against the San Francisco 49ers.

Craig Rosendale Performing at Kelsey’s TONIGHT from 6-9pm

Hey Roost #4 members & friends!

C’mon-out to Kelsey’s from 6-9pm tonight (Thursday, July 31st) for some acoustic guitar and vocal entertainment by fellow Roost #4 member, Craig Rosendale.  Ravens 1st preseason game is only 1 week from today!

Roost #4 Crashes Frederick Road Fridays in Catonsville, MD



Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – July 13, 2014

Oh well, our streak of consecutive days without an arrest is over, with Jimmy Smith being picked up on disorderly conduct, or more commonly known as operating without a brain. In summary, he was helping a female friend who obviously had too much to drink, and was unconscious. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, he revised to give way to medical personnel… Ravens to hold auditions for singing the national anthem on Tuesday… Training camp starts on Thursday, with Quarterbacks, rookies and injured veterans reporting to training camp.

17th Annual Ravens Roost #4 Golf Tournament


Ravens Roost #4 held their Buzz Suter Memorial Golf Classic at Fairway Hills Golf Club in Columbia, MD on Saturday, June 28th. The luncheon and awards ceremony followed back at Roost #4′s home, Kelsey’s. It was another great year of golf! Thanks to Frosty Volmer for once again making the event a big success … and thanks to all those who volunteered, sponsored holes, and golfed with us! Enjoy the pictures from the tourney!

Buzz Suter Memorial Golf Classic


Live blogging. A beautiful day for a golf outing.