Iggy’s Ravens Report – December 26, 2012

Iggy’s Ravens Report – December 26, 2012

Finally, a convincing win. The Giants elected to receive (not defer) the opening kickoff, and the Raven’s D came out strong again. The weak Giants D allowed the Ravens to move the ball freely all afternoon, leaving Eli off balance and out of Sync again. Now, the Ravens will face the Bengals in a relatively meaningless game since Cincinnati has clinched the 6 seed, and the Ravens don’t have much hope of changing their current positioning of 4 seed. If New England were to lose (4:25 game) to Miami, and the Ravens win, we could move into the #3 spot, but, at 10.5 point favorites, the patriots are expected to walk all over the fins. At the #4 seed, the Ravens will host the Luck-y Colts for a Wild Card round playoff game. If they were to sneak up into the #3 spot, they would host Cincinnati for that game instead. A first round bye is right out, thanks to the shellacking we took at the hands of Eli’s big brother, and team nemesis, Peyton.

This week, the Ravens play their best Friend: The team that took the pittsburgh stealers out of the playoffs. The keys to the game are quite simple: Stay loose and healthy. The Ravens need to move the ball consistently on offense, and remain persistent on defense so they don’t waddle into the playoffs scratching their head. Most importantly, however, is to stay healthy. We made the playoffs, and our positioning is unlikely to change, so play some good football, but don’t kill ourselves for the next week, which is poised to be an emotional (Pagano) game against another rising star.

Before I end this week, I have a few words on Average Joe Flacco. Joe is the best and longest lasting Quarterback this franchise has had in it’s short history, but questions still need to be asked about his future in Baltimore. Sporting average (or slightly above) numbers, Joe (and coach Harbs) has lead the Ravens to the Playoffs for 5 straight years, with the potential of posting playoff wins in all 5 of those years. Earlier in his tenure, he was riding the strength of the defense for good field position to bolster the teams results, but with the defense struggling with injuries, the results have been more volatile this season. Joe has asked for top tier quarterback money, but elite quarterbacks win Super Bowls, and the Ravens have not, despite being well poised to do so last year. The Ravens are not built for a deep playoff run this year either (surprise me), which leaves a lot of questions for Joe and his future in Baltimore. Cam Cameron, believed to be the one holding Joe back, is now gone, so it is all on Joe now. He has until the end of this season (post season included) to earn the big paycheck he has been asking for, or accept something less. The Ravens would be foolish to franchise Joe, but sending him out to check out the market is just as foolish since there is always an “Arizona” out there with money to spend, who will over pay for a proven (but average) 5 year NFL starter. With a make-shift front line protecting him, Joe needs to find a way to make things happen, or hard decisions will need to be made by both both Flacco and the Ravens.

The Orioles continue to tinker with minor league transactions are divisional opponents have embarked on trading and spending binges.

Als have signed several players in the off season, including a backup to 40-year old Calvillo.

The Blast (9-2) failed to match the franchise best 10 game win streak with back to back road losses this past weekend against Chicago and Milwaukee. Baltimore maintains a 2 game lead over Milwaukee in the standings. Next game is New Years Day at Rochester.

Chesapeake Bayhawks: (Home games at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium)
MLL draft set for January 11 in Philadelphia at the US Lacrosse National Convention. Admission is free, and the keynote speaker before the draft is Dick Vermeil.

The Charm will open the 2013 season at Jacksonville on May 25.

Capitals (See website for more details):
Games through January 14 have been canceled.

Wizards (See website for more details):
The current losing streak has reached 7 games as the 3-22 Wizards are 1 game worse the anyone else in the league.

Mystics (See website for more details):
Nothing to report.

D.C.United (See website for more details):
DC to open at Houston on March 2 with their first home game a week later against Real Salt Lake. Game 3 will be in New York on March 16. Game times are TBD, and the rest of the schedule has yet to be released.

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2012 Preseason
Date Opponent Time Result
Thursday, August 9, 2012 @Atlanta Falcons 7:30 PM W 31-17
Friday, August 17, 2012 Detroit Lions 8:00 PM L 27-12
Thursday, August 23, 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars 7:30 PM W 48-17
Thursday, August 30, 2012 @Saint Louis Rams 8:00 PM L 31-17
2012 Regular Season
Date Opponent Record Time Result
Monday, September 10, 2012 Cincinnati Bengals 18-14 Overall, 11-6 Home 7:00 PM W 44-13
Sunday, September 16, 2012 @Philadelphia Eagles 1-1-1 Overall, 1-0-1 Away 1:00 PM L 24-23
Sunday, September 23, 2012 New England Patriots 1-7 Overall, 0-2 Home 8:20 PM W 31-30
Thursday, September 27, 2012 Cleveland Browns 19-7 Overall, 10-3 Home 8:20 PM W 23-16
Sunday, October 7, 2012 @Kansas City Chiefs 3-3 Overall, 2-0 Away 1:00 PM W 9-6
Sunday, October 14, 2012 Dallas Cowboys 3-0 Overall, 2-0 Home 1:00 PM W 31-29
Sunday, October 21, 2012 @Houston Texans 6-0 Overall, 3-0 Away 1:00 PM L 43-13
Sunday, November 4, 2012 @Cleveland Browns 19-7 Overall, 9-4 Away 1:00 PM W 25-15
Sunday, November 11, 2012 Oakland Raiders 6-1 Overall, 4-0 Home 1:00 PM W 55-20
Sunday, November 18, 2012 @pittsburgh steelers 14-21 Overall, 6-12 Away 8:20 PM W 13-10
Sunday, November 25, 2012 @San Diego Chargers 4-4 Overall, 2-4 Away 4:05 PM W 16-13 OT
Sunday, December 2, 2012 pittsburgh steelers 15-21 Overall, 8-9 Home 4:25 PM L 23-20
Sunday, December 9, 2012 @Washington Redskins 3-1 Overall, 2-1 Away 1:00 PM L 31-28 OT
Sunday, December 16, 2012 Denver Broncos 6-3 Overall, 5-0 Home 1:00 PM L 34-17
Sunday, December 23, 2012 New York Giants 3-1 Overall, 1-0 Home 4:25 PM W 33-14
Sunday, January 30, 2012 @Cincinnati Bengals 18-14 Overall, 7-9 Away 1:00 PM

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Iggy’s Predictions

  • Week 16:
    • Falcons over Detroit (+3.5). Both teams have done well against the spread, but Atlanta looks to lock-up home field. … and now they have
    • Houston over Minnesota (+7.5). Houston’s average margin of victory is over 10 points for home games. Texans declare a mulligan.
    • Packers over Tennessee (+13.5). That is a lot of points to give up, but Tennessee has nothing to play for, other than salvaging pride. GB runs up the score.
    • Tampa over St. Louis (+3.5), but take the points. Rams are 2-7 outside of conference games. Rams win straight up as Tampa looks to have thrown in the towel.
    • Carolina over Oakland (+8.5), but take the points. Twilight zone only applies to East going West. Carolina scores late TD to cover the spread.
    • Miami over Buffalo (+4.5). Fins D has come on strong as of late, and this game is in Miami. Buffalo out of playoffs, and stopped trying.
    • Cincinnati (+4.5) over stealers. Although in pittsburgh, Bengals have been hot lately, and have playoffs & division title in mind. Of course, pittsburgh’s playoff hopes are on the line here too. Ben throws another late Pick that cost they the game!
    • Pats over Jax (+14.5). New England is primed to run up the score against one of the worst D’s in the league, and coming off a loss. Jags play tought and finish game within a score.
    • Indy over KC (+6.5). A win locks up the 5 seed for Indy, although KC’s D could make this interesting. KC plays tough D, but Indy holds on to win.
    • Dallas over New Orleans (+2.5). This was hardest pick of the week, but it comes down to Dallas needing this game much more than the Saints who are virtually out of it already. Dallas scores 2 late TDs to send to OT, but flops in OT.
    • Skins over Philly (+4.5). Strike up the Barbie. Eagles are roasted. Eagles up early, but Skins come back to finish the game strong.
    • Denver over Cleveland (+13.5), but take the points. Browns are 7-4 as the dog, having covered 4 times this season. Mile high was too much for Cleveland.
    • Baltimore (+2.5) over Giants. Which teams will show up? Odds are better at Roulette. The bad Eli loses to the good Joe.
    • Bears over Arizona (+5.5), but take the points. Bears are struggling, but the Cards are at home, which will level the playing field. Arizona was own worst enemy!
    • Chargers (+2.5) over Jets. Sanchez is benched, if that means anything. Jets are floundering around at QB.
    • Seattle (+0.5) over San Francisco. Seattle is the 1 of 2 teams undefeated at home. This will be one of the best games of the weekend. Turned out to be blowout of the weekend as Division title is still on the line.
    • This Week:: 13-3 Straight Up, and 10-6 Against the Spread
    • Season:: 158-82 Straight Up, and 127-113 Against the Spread
  • Week 17
    • Baltimore (+2.5) over Cincinnati. Game could go either way with virtually no playoff implications on the line. Baltimore has the hope of a 3 seed, but nothing more.
    • Buffalo over Jets (+3.5). Both teams have given up at this point. Bills are at home.
    • Saints over Carolina (+5.5). Points intrigued me, but Saints are at home, playing for pride.
    • Falcons over Tampa (+6.5). Falcons look to defend undefeated Home record.
    • stealers over Browns (+6.5), but take the points. Grudge match for 2 irrelevant teams, as squealers look to avenge loss a month ago.
    • Houston over Indy (+6.5), but take the points. Houston needs win to clinch bye, and number 1 seed. Indy has nothing to gain.
    • Tennessee over Jax (+4.5), but take the points. Jags have covered 5 times this season as the underdog.
    • Giants over Eagles (+7.5), but take the points. Giants need win and a boat load of help to make the playoffs, but Eagles are upset minded.
    • Bears over Detroit (+3.5). Detroit blows another season.
    • Packers over Minnesota (+3.5), but take the points. Green Bay needs win to clinch a bye, but Vikings need win to clinch playoffs. Say it with me, “Discount Double Check!”
    • Pats over Fins (+10.5), but take the points. Miami is 7-3 as the dog this season, against the spread.
    • Niners over Arizona (+16.5). San Fran was 24-3 IN Arizona earlier this season, and look to clinch Division with a win, after embarrassing prime time loss to Seattle last week.
    • Chargers over Oakland (+6.5). Raiders rarely even cover the spread.
    • Broncos over KC (+15.5). KC has a good D, but no offense. Manning to run up score at home in hopes of top seed, and to lock up first round bye.
    • Seattle over Rams (+10.5), but take the points. With the way Seattle has been putting points on the board, I may regret that choice, but StL is 10-3 as the dog, against the spread this season, while Seattle is 4-3 as the favorite.
    • Dallas (+3.5) over Washington. Dallas has 6th best offense versus Washington’s 28th ranked Defense. Washington has 5th best offense, versus Dallas’s 19th ranked Defense.

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  1. I’ve been saying all season that the Ravens need to help Flacco behind our shaky O-line by calling plays to get him out of the pocket … and they finally did that against the Giants! Yeah! What a difference on D with Ellerbe back in the middle! Let’s play hard and continue to execute and go get a win in Cinci this week (and stay healthy!)!

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