Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – February 4, 2014

Well, my main goal was to NOT see john elway during the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, they realized they had to show his ugly mug early in the 2nd half, otherwise they wouldn’t have a chance. Personally, I would have like to see him crying with 2 minutes left in the game. Oh well. I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too… Preliminary odds for the Ravens winning the next Super Bowl are pretty bad at 40-1, along with the Texans and Redskins. However, without free agency, and the draft, many team will make a lot of changes in
the near future… Remember the Doritos Time Machine Commercial? Former Ellicott City native Raj Suri submitted the commercial, and won the $1M contest prize.

Fanfest was this past Saturday, with no major signings or announcements… AJ Burnett has reportedly narrowed his list of suitors to Baltimore, Philly and pittsburgh… 1 week left to settle with Matt Wieters before his arbitration case is scheduled to be heard… Manny Muchado cleared for some baseball activities, but not all. Recovery is still ahead of schedule… Orioles have offered a contract extension to Chris Davis, but Davis has not responded… CBS posted what they call the All Time Orioles (and St. Louis Browns) team. There are several places where I don’t agree with their final assessment.

Nothing to report.

The Blast (11-3) defeated Syracuse on the road to clinch a playoff spot. Baltimore is now only half a game behind Milwaukee. Next games are Thursday, at St. Louis (4-11), and Sunday at Missouri (9-5).

Chesapeake Bayhawks: (Home games at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium)
Nothing to Report.

Nothing to Report.

Capitals (See website for more details):
The Caps (25-22-9) are now 12th in the conference.

Wizards (See website for more details):
After hitting .500 7 times, the Wizards (24-23) have finally made it over .500, and still sit at the 5th spot in the conference.

Mystics (See website for more details):
Seattle Storm have taken offense to the in-game Super Bowl report that lists only the Supersonics win over the Bullets as Seattle’s only professional championship. The Storm won the WNBA title in 2004 and 2010.

D.C.United (See website for more details):
DC United has extended their affiliation with the Richmond Kickers.

What do you want to see in the Ravens report? What should be scrapped? Actually, never mind. No one is reading this anyway so you probably won’t know the difference. Send an email to iggy at tealdragon.net. Thanks!


2014 Regular Season
Home Away
Cincinnati Bengals (20-16, 13-6) Cincinnati Bengals (20-16, 7-10)
Cleveland Browns (22-8, 12-3) Cleveland Browns (22-8, 10-5)
Pittsburgh Steelers (16-23, 9-10) Pittsburgh Steelers (16-23, 7-13)
Jacksonville Jaguars (7-10, 5-4) Houston Texans (7-1, 3-1)
Tennessee Titans (10-10, 5-5) Indianapolis Colts (4-9, 0-5)
San Diego Chargers (5-4, 2-0) Miami Dolphins (6-5, 4-4)
Atlanta Falcons (2-2, 1-0) New Orleans Saints (4-1, 1-0)
Carolina Panthers (1-3, 0-1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2, 1-1)

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Iggy’s Predictions

“Past performance does not guarantee future success, but it sure is the way to bet!”

  • Super Bowl:
    • Seattle (+2.5) over Denver. 2 West coast teams traveling East for a Super Bowl match-up that many have been wanting all season. Denver should win because I picked Seattle. Yeah, I’m good that way! Defense still wins championships, apparently!
    • Last Week:: 1-0 Straight Up, and 1-0 Against the Spread
    • Season:: 164-103 Straight Up, and 129-138 Against the Spread

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