Roost #4 Adopt-a-Highway Commitment
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Roost #4 voted to adopt a stretch of highway at their July 23, 2007 meeting.  The section of highway we are now responsible for is Frederick Road between Oella Ave. near the horse farm to The Trolley Stop at the river (1.3 miles).


Pictures from Past Roost #4 Adopt-a-Highway Efforts


Here's some info on what our commitment to Adopt-a-Highway involves:

Ravens Roost #4 agrees to pick-up the highway at least 4 times a year.  Our contact at SHA states she cleans her highway 4 times a year and it takes 4 people a little over an hour. 

The Group Leader (most likely Denise) is responsible for the group's safety training, scheduling pick-up days and completing litter pick-up info with names of those involved, bags of litter collected, hours spent, etc. and forwarding said info to the SHA contact.  In addition she ensures that each participant reviews and signs an agreement and views a safety video (provided).

SHA provides safety hats, vests, a permanent sign at each end of the mile, trash bags, and orange 'Litter Pick-Up' signs for cleaning days.

Groups must hold twice yearly safety reviews (should be short).

No one can participate unless they have attended one such meeting in any given year and has completed an agreement ("I agree….. Along with name, address, and contact information).

We schedule pick-up days in advance to aid the State Highway crews which follow later to pick up the bags.

And then common sense stuff like, daylight hours only, good weather, facing traffic, first-aid kit, etc.

The packet is not available online.  When I get time I will scan in the sheets and make them available.

Here's some background information on the State of Maryland Adopt-a-Highway Program:


What Is Adopt-A-Highway ?
Adopt-A-Highway program allows volunteer groups to pick-up litter along non-interstate roadways as a community service.

Who can Adopt-A-Highway?

Any family, business, school or civic organization can adopt a state maintained highway.

How To Adopt-A-Highway!

Call your local State Highway office for a list of adoptable roads, complete an agreement, safety training, pick-up your supplies and you are ready to go !


What is the Responsibility of the Adopting Group?

As the adopting group, you agree to pick-up litter from your section of roadway (1-3 miles) at least four times a year for a two year period.


What is the Responsibility of SHA?

SHA will supply the group with:

- Orange safety vests
- Hats
- Trash bags
- Two adopt-a-highway metal signs with group name
- Two SWAT (Stop Waste and Trash) roll-up caution signs
- Safety literature and video

Safety Tips

- Park all vehicles clear of the roadway.
- Wear a safety vest at all times.
- Walk on the shoulder, facing oncoming traffic at all times.
- Provide supervision for all youths.
- Work during non-peak travel times.
- Stay clear of construction sites.
- Do not remove any hazardous substances.
- Wear light colored clothing and long sleeves.
- Wear heavy gloves.
- Wear sturdy soled footwear.
- Avoid overexertion.
- Do not walk in lanes of traffic.

In Case of Emergency

- Have a well stocked First Aid Kit accessible.
- Have adequate transportation available.
- Know the location of the nearest hospital/emergency treatment center.