15th Annual Ravens Roost #4 Golf Tournament

On Saturday, July 14, 2012, Ravens Roost #4 held their 15th Annual Golf Tournament at Hollow Creek Golf Club out in Middletown, MD.  The tournament now also carries the moniker of “The Buzz Suter Memorial Golf Tournament”.  Proceeds from the tournament benefit our Roost #4 charities. Though it was pouring rain in Howard County as our golfers drove west to Hollow Creek for the 9am tee time, the course remained dry and the sun made an appearance early in the afternoon. Thanks to everyone who came out to golf with Roost #4 … thanks to all of our hole sponsors … thanks to the staff at Hollow Creek for getting the signs placed, the carts lined-up, the course in tip-top shape, and for keeping our golfers fed & hydrated … and a special thanks to Frosty for making the whole thing happen! A good time was had by all!  Please enjoy these pictures from the tourney (with another thank you to Scott Habicht for recording the event!) … 

Frosty & Josh – Let the show begin!


Ladies & Gentlemen … start your engines!


Team Chaney


Jaybird, Dickie, & Karrots


Roost #4 in Action


Roost #50


Team Wiegand


The “Drunk Hole” Gang


Zeke’s tunnel and the lost holes from 2011!


Old guys need canes




Thanks to out hosts at Hollow Creek!


NOT good form!




Which way did it go!?


Hors D’oeuvres? Mixed nuts and a Cracker!


Thanks to the beer gals for keepin’ us hydrated!


My kinda hairdo!


Diane had an outstanding day!


Betty almost got clocked by Mander!


Oh no! Wrong way!


Roost #4 Golf Team + 1


Rough morning, virtual club?


Had ‘nuf of this one yet?


Mosquitos, bumble bees, and screaming butterfies!


Frolicking Photographers


Hey – there’s a Mosquito where my bag used to be!?


Tally Ho!


Miller Time!

Raffle Ticket Reminder

With less than a week to go now is your time to sell those last few tickets.

The raffle will be held at the July 23rd meeting at Jillys.  Tickets are due Wednesday July 18th. Tom Tompson will be at Jillys on Wednesday July 18th from 6-8pm collecting tickets and money.

As a reminder, you can buy your own tickets.

Roost #4 Adopt-a-Highway Report – June 16, 2012

Ravens Roost #4 maintains a 1.3 mile stretch of Frederick Road in Oella as a function of the State of Maryland Adopt-a-Highway program.  We’re responsible for cleaning this stretch of road 4 times each year.  The Roost #4 crew on Saturday, June 16th was – Denise Stanco (our fearless leader!), Cathie Krajewski, Tom Hooks, Kel Habicht, Paul & Judy Cascio, and Candace & Jack Skurnik.  Clean-up only took 1 hour and 15 minutes – 9 bags were filled.  Thanks to everyone for your time and effort!  Contact Denise if you’d like to volunteer for our next clean-up (August).

Look for our signs on Frederick Road in Oella
No … that’s not a human leg bone!
Bambi bones … awwww!
First-timers Tom and Cathie
The Roost #4 Crew


Group: Ravens Roost #4, Ellicott City, MD
Highway: Frederick Road between both ends of Oella Ave.

Day Cleaned: 06/16/12
Time Spent: 1 hour and 15 minutes
People: 8
Bags collected: 9
-2 at our sign by the Patapsco river
-4 at the BGE sub-station
-3 at our sign at Oella and Frederick roads at the horse farm