Roost #4 Meeting – Monday, June 25th, 7pm at Jilly’s

Just a reminder – we have a Ravens Roost #4 meeting at 7:00pm this coming Monday, June 25th, up at Jilly’s!

Please turn-in your money and stubs for the Roost #4 raffle of 2 season tickets to Ravens 2012 home games at this meeting.  The drawing for the raffle is at our July 23rd meeting.

Don’t forget – this is our last meeting before our July 14th Golf Tournament – so please, get your registration forms and fees in to Frosty Monday night!

Also, we have our Summer Picnic coming-up on Saturday, July 28th, at the Sterner residence in Catonsville.  Roost #4 supplies the beer, wine, burgers, dogs, buns, paper/plastic goods and condiments.  We’ll have a sign-up sheet at the meeting Monday for what dishes (appetizers, side dishes, desserts) everyone will bring to the picnic.  Stay tuned for more information soon!

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  1. It’s Friday! Meeting Monday! The Roost #4 beach crew will be there to tell convention stories!

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