Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – October 8, 2017

Leveraging decent pass protection, and the inability of the Raiders to stop the run, the Ravens took advantage an early pick-up six to jump out to an early 14-0 lead within the first 5 minutes of the game. The injury to West is concerning as more players got bitten by the injury bug plaguing us since the start of training camp.

It was good to have the squeelers lose to the Jags in pittsburgh, after we were the laughing stock of the league when we flopped horribly in London. Incidentally, people are now asking if the Jags are for real.

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Scott’s Recommendation: Trade Adam Jones. He makes too much money to start with an 0-2 count every at bat. We have enough quality young outfielders in the organization to make this work. Let’s see what we can get, and still be able to afford Manny after next season.

Als (3-11) host Edmonton on Monday.

Blast (MASL):
2017-18 schedule has been released.

Chesapeake Bayhawks:
Nothing new.

Capitals (See website for more details):
Caps have started 2-0!

Wizards (See website for more details):
Preseason starts… yawn…

D.C.United (See website for more details):
United are still 9-18-5 and in last place, and now have full ownership of 3rd worst record in league.

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Iggy’s Predictions

“Past performance does not guarantee future success, but it sure is the way to bet!”

    • Ravens over da Bears. Baltimore needs to get even for the visit from the Cubs in July.

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