Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – November 19, 2017

News and Personal Thoughts:
Seeking a volunteer to be become the new Directory of Raven’s promotions. I have been a volunteer since 2007 and other commitments are making it difficult to continue in this role.

In a rare instance where we don’t collapse in the face of an unknown QB, the Raven’s defense rose to the occasion and posted their 3rd shutout of the season. Offensively, we remain offensive as Flacco looked out of sorts, especially when he panics when his first look is not there. Another INT (red zone) cost us points, and fears abounded in the first half as takeaways failed to result in points. Special team were special with a big return, several pinning punts (should have been 1 more), and a flawless Tucker helped manage the game.

Next game is a rare HOME Monday night prime time game against a Texans with a losing record. Challenge will be for the defense to continue their dominance, for the offense to not lose the game, and the team in general to NOT play down to the level of their opponent.

Rumors are the only thing prevailing right now.

Als (3-15) ended season with league worst record.

Blast (MASL):
Blast opened the season with 2 wins, before dropping road game on Saturday to Florida.

Chesapeake Bayhawks:
Nothing new.

Capitals (See website for more details):
At 11-9-1, the Caps are 2 points out of first.

Wizards (See website for more details):
Wizards (9-6) are in first, and 4th in the conference.

D.C.United (See website for more details):
United missed the playoffs, tied for worst record in the MLS.

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“Past performance does not guarantee future success, but it sure is the way to bet!”

    • Ravens over Texans, despite Flacco.

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