Ravens Roost 4 Carry – Out Crab Feast

   Ravens Roost 4      Carry – Out Crab Feast

                                              To Benefit the  Tommy Thompson Scholarship Fund


Crabs steamed on site by Harris Crab House

 Saturday, September 12, 2020         Elks Lodge Parking Lot – 2832 Nine Mile Circle

 Hot Steamed Crabs: Per Dozen $50.00   ½ Bushel – $140.00

Drive-thru Pick Up from 3 – 6pm

Order Form

All orders must be pre-paid by September 5, 2020, using credit card or check.

If paying by check, please make checks payable to Ravens Roost 4

Name ______________________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone ___________________________             E-Mail _______________________________________

If paying by credit card, please complete all information below

Credit Card Number ____________________________________ Exp. Date ______________________

Security Code/CVV ____________         Billing Zip code __________________

To place an order:

  1.  Please email Jay Golibart (mrtech@comcast.net) with your order and an email confirmation will be sent.
  2. In addition, please mail this completed form, with payment, to:

            Mr. Jay Golibart                  12908 Triadelphia Road                          Ellicott City, MD 21042           

Amount of Crabs:  # of Dozen: ______        # of ½ Bushels:  _______     Amount due: $________                                       

Preferred pick up time:       3-4pm ___          4-5pm ___          5-6pm ____

Have Questions?? Please contact Jay:  mrtech@comcast.net or call 410-707-1987

Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – May 3, 2016

General consensus is that the Ravens scored a B+ in the draft by loading up on young players to restock the roster. The Jags were generally considered to have done their best by stocking up on defensive talent, and the Eagles did the least to help their cause. Mike Preston accused the Ravens of playing it “too safe” and not taking enough risks to push them over the edge. Only time will tell, as all teams are gawking at their prom dates. Check back in 6 months and see if they are still the girl the asked out in April.

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Ticket Sharing Google Doc

To help everyone buy and sell tickets, I threw together a ticket sharing Google Doc for the Roost. It is accessible via the link only, and everyone can edit. The link is

3 tabs: Instructions, Selling, Buying

Please add a line if you want to Sell or buy, and remove that line once that transaction is complete. I included a sample line for your reference.

Let me know if you have any questions, problems, or alternative ideas on how to manage our ticket trades in a more organized fashion.