History of Ravens Roost #4


In 1958, a group of friends and neighbors, all season-ticket-holding Colt fans, took a bus from the Franklintown Inn, in the Gwynn Oak section of Baltimore, to a football game at Memorial Stadium.  The experience was so enjoyable that the group decided to form a club to ensure that seating arrangements for future bus trips would remain the same.  In November of that same year, seventeen of those fans along with a few members of an existing Colts Corral met to explore the possibility of forming a new Corral.  The decision was made to apply to Don Kellett, Vice President and General Manager of the Baltimore Colts, for a charter in the name of Colts Corral # 4.  On June 10, 1959, during a banquet at the Franklintown Inn, Colts Corral # 4 was officially sanctioned with its 35 founding members in attendance.  Don Kellett, guest speaker, presented Colts Corral #4 with their official banner.  The late Chuck Thompson, sportscaster for the Colts, was master of ceremonies.

Although Colts Corral # 4 originated at the Franklintown Inn / Millrace in Baltimore, the club gradually migrated to Howard County.  Other “home” establishments included:  Goetze’s, Vaccarino’s / Cobblestone’s, Loverde’s, Buell’s, The Judge’s Bench and Jilly’s.  Kelsey’s Ellicott City is the current home of Raven’s Roost 4.

Club membership grew quickly, too quickly.  With a membership ceiling of 100 enrollees, there was a waiting list to join the club!


Colts Corral # 4 held a large block of tickets to home games.  Most members traveled together by bus and sat together at the games.  In addition to attending every Colt’s home game, members organized bus trips and flights to quite a few road games.  Trips to away games often became full week adventures.


Corral # 4 was active in a variety of charities, with an emphasis on helping disadvantaged children.  Corral members threw Christmas parties at Kernan Hospital and the Industrial School of Maryland for Crippled Children.  They sent a group of kids to summer camp each year, as well as volunteering at and raising funds for Rosewood Children’s Center and Linwood Children’s Center.

Each year the members of Corral #4 attended a banquet to honor a Colts player as an Unsung Hero. They also hosted a yearly banquet during which new officers were installed.  Additional annual events included trips to Hershey Park, numerous dances, bull roasts, auctions and crab feasts.  1967 marked the 1st Council of Colts Corrals Convention held in Ocean City.  This quickly became another annual activity.

In 1979 Colts Corral #4 took a busload of 50 members to Canton, Ohio for the induction of Johnny Unitas into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Bob Irsay, in 1984, moved the beloved Colts, along with their memorabilia, to Indianapolis.  It was devastating, but could not dim the devotion of Corral # 4 members to football in Baltimore.

In 1985 Baltimore secured the USFL Stars.  Corral #4 became Star #4 and traditions continued.  Regular bus trips to Stars games originated at The Judge’s Bench.  The Stars stadium in College Park was “dry”.  It is rumored, however, that some contraband beverages were seen flying over the fence into the waiting arms of Star # 4 members.  When the Stars left, after one year, the decision was made to resume the Colts Corral # 4 identity.

Baltimore was without a professional football team from 1986 until 1993.  Corral membership suffered and Corral # 4 dwindled to approximately 50 members.  Discussions were held concerning disbanding but the club held together. At one point, enrollment was as low as 14 members, some of whom are still members of Ravens Roost # 4 today.  Mark “Jaybird” Golibart spearheaded the effort to keep Corral # 4 together.  Others who stuck with the group during the football drought were Betty Golibart, Hildie Suter, and recently deceased members George “Buzzy” Suter, Barb Peterson and Henry “Shorty” Miller.  Meetings were no longer monthly, but held on an “as needed” basis.

In 1994 Jim Speros brought the CFL Stallions to Baltimore.  In 1995 the Baltimore Stallions became the only American based team to win the Grey Cup; the CFL equivalent to the Lombardi Trophy.  Steadfast, Corral # 4 stood by the Stallions.  In fact, when it was announced that Art Modell would be bringing his NFL team to Baltimore, some Corral #4 members were in favor of keeping the Stallions.  The NFL and Paul Tagliabue had alienated quite a few former Colts fans.


In 1996, when the Ravens began play, the Council of Colt Corrals became the Council of Ravens Roosts.  Corral # 4 followed suit, by joining the new council, and became Roost # 4.

Roost # 4 membership grew steadily over the first few years and skyrocketed with the NFL Championship in Superbowl XXXV.

Jaybird Golibart served as Roost # 4 President from 1996 through 2000.  He was succeeded by Rob Ewin (2001 – 2002), Jeff “Frosty” Volmer (2003 – 2004) and Ken Bauer (2005 – 2007).  Frosty Volmer again assumed the role of president from 2008 until 2016, at which time Dennis Colhouer took the reins.


Roost 4 is still active in raising thousands of dollars annually for a wide variety of charities.  Each year members elect to support a local charity and a charity affiliated with the Baltimore Ravens.

Roost 4 takes pride in being a long-time advocate for Special Olympics, MD.  Since 2005, select members have participated in The Southern Maryland Shiver, The Polar Bear Plunge, and The Deep Creek Dunk. In 2008, it was decided that Roost 4 would work with the Council of Ravens Roosts, focusing their fundraising efforts on The Deep Creek Dunk.  It was then that Team CRRUDE (Council of Ravens Roost Dunk Extraordinaires) was born.  Team CRRUDE is open to all Roosts, but Roost # 4 has taken the lead with participating members.  Nearly $200,000.00 dollars has been raised for Special Olympics, Maryland with these combined events.

In March of 2005, Roost #4 began extended annual scholarships to two deserving Howard County student-football players.  Howard County HS football coaches are encouraged to nominate student-athletes from their respective schools.  A Roost #4 committee reviews all applicants and selects the recipients.  Scholarships are awarded at the annual bull roast.

In 2007, Ravens Roost #4 elected to participate in the Maryland State Highway Administration’s Adopt-A-Highway program.  Volunteers from Roost 4 meet four times during the year to pick up the debris that has accumulated between upper and lower Oella Avenues, on Frederick Road.  We recently achieved our 10-year-milestone and plan to continue to do our part to improve our community.

In 2016, following the devastating Ellicott City flood, volunteers from Roost # 4 pitched in to help in the clean-up effort.  With shovels, brooms, and rags in hand, several members worked to remove the mud and rubble from The Phoenix Emporium.


Roost # 4 continues to participate in regular social events including tailgate parties, road trips, holiday parties, picnics and the Council of Ravens Roosts Convention in Ocean City.

Since 1997, Roost #4 has hosted an annual, fund-raising golf tournament.  Proceeds are distributed to charity.  In 2012, the tournament was designated the Buzzy Suter Memorial Golf Tournament in memory of long time member, “Buzz” (George) Suter.


If you are in search of a place to enjoy Ravens football with like-minded fans in the Ellicott City area, Roost #4 is the place for you!  We meet on the 4th Monday of every month, 7:00p.m., at Kelsey’s, in the Normandy Shopping Center on Route 40.  JOIN US for football, fun and frivolity.