Roost #4 Reminders – Bull Roast Saturday, Meeting Monday!

Just a few quick reminders …

Roost #4 holds their Annual Bull & Oyster Roast at 7pm this Saturday night (3/23) at The Lodge in Catonsville.  The event is basically SOLD OUT.  Our two Roost #4 Formula 4 Success Scholarship awards will be presented to the recipients at the event!  Members attending are still encouraged to donate a bottle of booze to be used as a prize on the wheel (if you haven’t already done so). 

Roost #4 has their monthly meeting at 7pm this coming Monday night (3/25) at Jilly’s.

As for the raffle tickets for the two 2013 Ravens Season tickets, if you haven’t yet picked-up your raffle tickets (all Roost #4 members are committed to sell at least 5 tickets each), please do so prior to Monday’s meeting at Jilly’s (tickets will be available from 6-7 pm) or at our Bull & Oyster Roast this Saturday (from 7-9pm).  If you’re unable to attend the bull roast or meeting, please ask a friend to pick-up your tickets so we don’t have to mail them out.  The raffle of the Ravens season tickets funds our Roost #4 Formula 4 Success Scholarship Fund.