Iggy’s Baltimore Sports Report – November 4, 2015

News and Personal Thoughts:
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Well, just when things started to turn our way, Smith is out for the season. Although this eliminates our “go to” receiver, it will force someone else to step up for the future. We are still not a great team. We are still making stupid mistakes, but Sunday we did not give the ball away, and managed to work the clock so we had the ball last, which meant our defense couldn’t fail us again. Interestingly, at 2 wins, we are only 2.5 games out of a wild card spot. Go figure. There is still a small glimmer of hope, but the future starts now.

Free agency opens Friday night, as the Orioles will likely say good bye to Davis, Wieters, O’Day and Chen… In other news, a judge ruled in favor of the Orioles in the MASN dispute with the nads.

Montreal (6-11) lost to league leading Edmonton (14-4) 40-22, as playoffs hopes dim.

Blast (MASL):
Season starts Saturday against the Chicago Mustangs.

Chesapeake Bayhawks: (Home games at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium)
Nothing new to report.

Capitals (See website for more details):
Caps had risen to first place with an 8-3 record, but after their recent lost, dropped back to third.

Wizards (See website for more details):
Wizards are off to a 2-1 start, 1 game behind Atlanta (4-1) for the division lead.

Mystics (See website for more details):
Nothing to Report.

D.C.United (See website for more details):
United defeated NE in a knockout game, but lost to NY 1-0 in the first leg of a 2 game aggregate series. Series concludes on Sunday in New York.

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Iggy’s Predictions

“Past performance does not guarantee future success, but it sure is the way to bet!”

  • NFL, Week 8
    • Patsies over Fins (+7.5), but take the points. Division rivalry, and the Patriots aren’t all that. Apparently, the Fins are even less.
    • Chefs over Lions (+4.5). KC beat the steelers, so that says something. A scalping.
    • Falcons over Tampa (+7.5), but take the points. Atlanta struggling to put points on board lately. Atlanta is the worst 6-2 team in the league.
    • Cards over Browns (+5.5), but take the points. Arizona ain’t all that. Browns gave up 17 unanswered and the Cards never looked back.
    • Rams over Niners (+8.5), but take the points. Too many points to give up on 2 shaky teams. Niners are gunning for #1 overall draft pick, I think.
    • Giants (+3.5) over Saints. Upset of the week. Saints win shootout 52-49! Teams combined fir 12 passing TDs.
    • Vikings over Bears (1.5). Vikings are 4-1 as the favorite so far this season. Vikings win by 3.
    • Ravens over Chargers (+3.5), but take the points. All our games are close. I just hope we are on the winning side for a change. Tucker FG as time expires.
    • squealors (+1.5) over Bengals. Ben is back, and the Bengals are gonna be in trouble… Why am I happy that the division leading Bengals are still undefeated? Oh, Right… because the stealers lost!
    • Titans over Houston (+4.5). Titans are 4-0 as the dog. TN is lost.
    • Raiders (+2.5) over Jets. Jets disappear in black hole. Jets lose QB on opening drive.
    • Seattle over Dallas (+6.5). Hawks been questionable. Dallas has been bad. Game went down to the wire in a sign of Seattle offensive struggles.
    • Packers over Broncos (+3.5). Denver has been living on borrowed time. Well, that was unexpected.
    • Panthers over Colts (+6.5). Luck has been all over the place, and the Panthers are 5-0 as the favorite. They did, but in OT.
    • This Week: 9-5 SU (Straight Up), 6-8 ATS (Against the Spread)
    • This Season: 76-43 SU, 63-56 ATS
  • NFL, Week 9
    • Bengals over Brownies (+10.5). Manziel to start.
    • Bills over Miami (+3.5). Going with the home team.
    • Carolina (+2.5) over GB. Going with the home team again. Confirmed by a coin toss this time.
    • Jags (+4.5) over Jets. Jets have NO healthy QBs.
    • Vikings over Rams (2.5). Minnesota is 5-1 as the favorite this season.
    • Pats over skins (+13.5). Points tempting, but NE usually takes advantage to run up the score in these situations.
    • Saints over Tennessee (+8.5), but take the points. Titans are 4-1 as the dog this season, although they did lose last week.
    • squealors over Raiders (+4.5), but take the points. Raiders are actually in a wild card spot, but can they hold it?
    • Giants over Tampa (+2.5). Eli may have found his groove after last week.
    • Falcons over SF (+6.5), but take the points. On one hand Atlanta is 2-4 as the favorite and has had problems putting points on the board, but SF can’t score either. Niners just switched QBs and OCs.
    • Broncos over Colts (+4.5), but take the points. Denver is 3-2 as the favorite, while Indy is 3-0 as the dog.
    • Eagles over Dallas (+2.5). Been telling you all season, take the road team in NFC match-ups.
    • Chargers over Bears (+3.5). Chargers are at home and have more to offer than the bears, despite their similar records.

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